Story by Matt Cohen

Featured in: “DCIST.COM”

Like a Phoenix rising from cashed marijuana ashes, Capitol Hemp is back. Three years after it closed—thanks to a police raid that occurred a year prior—Capitol Hemp has reopened in Adams Morgan and it has Initiative 71 to thank for it.

“Capitol Hemp’s re-opening is a major milestone for legalization of businesses that for too long were forced to operate in a gray area of ‘implied intent’ that ultimately allowed the sale of pipes for tobacco but not for cannabis,” co-owner Adam Eidinger said in a statement.

Eidinger, along with his Capitol Hemp co-owner Alan Amsterdam, were instrumental in getting the possession and consumption of marijuana legalized in D.C.; authorizing and getting Initiative 71 on the election ballot last fall.

The store will continue in the vein of what it was when it closed in 2012—specializing in selling non-cannabis industrial hemp products along with “American-made artisan glass bongs, pipes and vaporizers.”