Alan Amsterdam, becomes DC’s first certified Ganjier®.

Following months of studying both an online curriculum, as well as in-person training, Alan was ready to take the exams necessary for Ganjier Certification. Early in November 2021, Alan flew to the heart of the Emerald Triangle in California. *For the most part, The Emerald Triangle has been known as the epicenter of the adult-use Cannabis market.

Derek Gilman presents Alan Amsterdam with his official Ganjier Certification.

Why Was A Cannabis Ganjier Certification Established?

The Cannabis Ganjier Certification program was created to establish a new breed of highly-trained, certified experts.

To clarify, the goal of the program is to raise the standards of excellence within the cannabis industry.

Alan consequently had to learn how to examine and explore all aspects of cannabis-related topics. This included the history, science, botany, genetics, cultivation, processing, sale, and consumption. By the same token, Alan’s experience provided him with an excellent foundation of knowledge on which to build.

Unquestionably, many months of extensive studies with some of the industry’s leading cannabis professionals, benefited Mr. Amsterdam. Notably, the late Frenchy Cannoli, Mel Frank and Kevin Jodrey. Subsequently, Amsterdam scored 100% on the written examination.

The practical examination included the application of two new industry standards:

i) The Systematic Assessment ProtocolTM  (SAP)

To explain further, the SAP creates a system whereby someone trained in the art of Cannabis grading, can assesses the Cannabis flower. Criteria include the appearance, aroma, flavor, as well as, the resulting experience from sampling the product.

Alan Amsterdam assesses the appearance of a Cannabis flower as part of the Systematic Assessment Protocol.

ii) The Customer Interaction ProtocolTM  

In a nutshell, this process enables the Ganjier to listen, analyze and make recommendations about the therapeutic benefits to the customer, based on their needs.

Surprisingly, not everyone can become a fully certified Ganjier. It has been noted that a keen sense of smell and taste are required. Undoubtedly Amsterdam’s exposure to the Cannabis product over the years has enabled him with a discerning ability. He can differentiate between cultivars successfully.

So where to now?

Indeed, while Amsterdam has always been an advocate and opinion leader in the field of cannabis, new avenues have opened up.

Without delay, Amsterdam used some of his newly acquired knowledge to provide guidance for two proposed bills 24-113 and 24-118. On November 18th 2021, the Committee on Business And Economic Development heard Amsterdam present his advice during a live hearing. What’s more, his focus centered on recognizing the needs of the small entrants to the industry, as well as members of the community impacted by the social equity bill.

More so now than ever,  Amsterdam aims to help drive legislation in DC and surrounding states. He plans to help make the therapeutic benefits of cannabis available to those who need it.

While all of this will surely keep him busy, he’s found time to set-up criteria for judging DC’s first cannabis-cup in the Spring of 2022. With the goal of applying the Ganjier’s Systematic Assessment Protocol© to judge entries.

Without doubt, DC residents can expect great things from Mr. Amsterdam’s efforts in the future.